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Kingswells Buses

Updated: 4 August 2003

PARK AND RIDE: Your park and ride ticket entiles you to a free onward return journey - find out by downloading the map and timetable. Bus route: 1stAbdn_40_41_insidex4.pdf and Bus Timetable: 1stAbdn_40_41_frontx4.pdf


In addition to the usual Monday to Saturday services there will also be Park & Ride services running from Kingswells on Sundays 15th and 22nd December to make it easier to get into the City Centre for Christmas Shopping.

Buses will leave Kingswells every 10 minutes from 0925 &endash; 1755, with buses returning from the City Centre from 0932 &endash; 1812.

As the Market Street to Bridge Street section of Union Street is closed Park & Ride stops to go to Kingswells will be situated on Castle Street, Adelphi, Market Street, Bridge Street and the usual stops at the top end of Union Street.

Further details or leaflets can be picked up at the site or from the New First Travel Centre at 47 Union Street (next to Adephi) (Posted 10.12.2002)


Aberdeen commuters are in for a treat on Monday morning, with the introduction of free head, shoulder and hand massages to passengers using First's Park & Ride services from Kingswells and the Bridge of Don.

The Aberdeen-based transport provider has joined forces with The Therapy Rooms in the city to give on-bus massages to early morning commuters for the next four Mondays, in a bid to banish Monday morning blues and make the journey all the more relaxing.

Recent research from the Transport Research Institute at Napier University in Edinburgh shows that 53% of car drivers find driving a car stressful because of 'congestion on the roads' and the 'behaviour of other drivers'. Thirty percent of Scottish drivers would 'like to' use their car less ' and 9% thought they were 'likely to'*, so First is hoping that the Park & Ride service will supply commuters with a quick and cheap alternative.

Research from First shows that if everyone took the bus once a fortnight, there would be ten percent less traffic, particularly during school term time. Travelling on Park & Ride is also a proven quicker route into the city - the Bridge of Don service reduces the average commuter's journey time by up to 25 minutes.

The service is cheaper than city centre parking, with up to five people in one vehicle paying just £2 to park and travel in and out of the city. There is secure parking for more than 600 cars at Kingwells and 1,000 at Bridge of Don, with cycle racks and lockers, vending machines and heated waiting rooms with TVs.

George Mair, managing director of First, said: "Park & Ride is one of the most efficient and relaxing ways of travelling into the city, cutting down commuter time and allowing passengers to relax, read, listen to music or even sleep before the hectic working day begins. Park & Ride is a viable public transport option which fits in well with the Government's objectives for integrated and sustainable transport."

He added: "By offering passengers these free on-bus massages we aim to make Monday morning journeys to work all the more stress-free."

In the run up to Christmas, First in conjunction with Aberdeen City Council will be also be operating additional services to cut the stress out of festive shopping. Starting from Saturday November 30th and operating for the four shopping weekends, the service will run from four key city destinations, including Kingswells, Bridge of Don and this year with see the introduction of two new Park & Ride services running from Calder Park and Dyce.

Travel into town the easy way.

The new Kingswells Park & Ride is situated on A944 beside Kingswells roundabout and travels to Bridge of Don Park & Ride situated to the rear of the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre. The service operates between one facility to the other via the City Centre and bypassing the Foresterhill Hospital complex, from Monday to Saturday operating on a 10-minute peak service and a 15-minute off-Peak service.

Each site has excellent facilities including

  • Parking for over 600 cars
  • Heated waiting room with TV
  • Vending Machines
  • Cycle racks and cycle lockers
  • Real Time Information

To create a better environment within Aberdeen, we operate the Park & Ride services to make life easier for you.

Easy parking

No searching around for a space as PARKING ALL DAY is included in the price

Easy paying

Pay once at the machine for UP TO 5 PEOPLE to travel. An onward return journey on any First Aberdeen service (taken within 60 minutes of the start of your journey) and a return journey to the Park & Ride site is included in the price

Easy going

Relax on the bus; with new bus priority measures in place, you'll soon arrive at your destination &endash; NO MORE SITTING IN LONG TRAFFIC QUEUES.

The swift and efficient services use modern low-floored vehicles to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Up to 5 people travelling together can make a return journey to the city, car parked all day and onward journeys for ONLY £2.00, you can see that the Park & Ride offers excellent value as well as an excellent service.

Use of the Park & Ride bus is aimed at reducing the number of cars on the road but is not exclusive to car owners. Foot passengers can also take advantage of the service getting off and on at designated Park & Ride stops along the route. Tickets can be bought on board the bus from the driver. Based on a single journey it will cost £1.25 to travel from each Park & Ride site.



Kingswells Park & Ride site, Kingswood Drive, Fairley Road, Langstracht, Westburn Road, Camperdown Road, Midstocket Road, Westfield Terrace, Craigie Loanings, Albert Street, Waverly Place, Rubislaw Place, Albyn Place, Alford Place, Union Street, Castle Street, King Street, Ellon Road, Bridge of Don Park & Ride site via Parkway East.

Designated stops for uplifting and setting down passengers along the route

KINGSWELLS &endash; Langstracht (Rousay Avenue) &endash; Langstracht (Aberdeen Journals) &endash; Langstracht (Whitemyres Place) &endash; Westburn Road (Woodhill House) &endash; Westburn Road (Foresterhill Complex) &endash; Albert Street &endash; Albyn Place &endash; Union Street (Langstane Kirk) &endash; Union Street (Music Hall) &endash; Union Street (St Nicholas Kirk) &endash; Union Street (Adelphi) &endash; Urquhart Road - Orchard Street &endash; School Road &endash; BRIDGE OF DON (Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre)

Timetable: Monday &endash; Friday

0725 then every 10 minutes until 0855 then 0903, 0915 & every 15 minutes until 1625, then every 10 minutes till 1805

Last bus departs Kingswells 1820

Except Thursday service runs every 15 minutes until 2020


10 minute service all day from 0815 until 1815


Bridge of Don Park & Ride via Parkway East, Ellon Road, King Street, Cstle Street, Union Street, Alford Place, Albyn Place, Rubislaw Place, Waverly Place, Albert Street, Craigie Loanings, Westfield Terrace, Midstocket Road, Harcourt Road, Westburn Road, Langstracht, Fairley Road,and Kingswood Drive to the Kingswells Park & Ride site.

Designated stops for uplifting and setting down passengers along the route

BRIDGE OF DON (Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre) &endash; School Road &endash; Orchard Street &endash; Urquhart Road &endash; King Street (St Andrews Cathedral) &endash; Union Street (Adelphi) &endash; Union Street (St Nicholas Kirk) &endash; Union Street (Music Hall) &endash; Union Street (Langstane Kirk) &endash; Albyn Place &endash; Albert Street &endash; Westburn Road (Foresterhill Complex) &endash; Westburn Road (Woodhill House) &endash; Langstracht (Whitemyres Place) &endash; Langstracht (Aberdeen Journals) &endash; Langstracht (Rousay Avenue) &endash; KINGSWELLS

Timetable: Monday &endash; Friday

0720 then every 10 minutes until 0900 then every 15 minutes till 1600 then every ten minutes till 1750.

Last bus departs Bridge of Don 1805

Except Thursday service runs every 15 minutes until 2005


10 minute service all day from 0810 until 1800

Further information on the Park & Ride and other First Aberdeen services can be found on our website, by contacting Busline on 01224 650065 or by visiting the First Aberdeen information Kiosk in St Nicholas Street (outside Marks & Spencer).

If you can provide assistance or information with any of the above please contact me at: A credit will be given to anyone submitting articles and photos used on web site. Claire Burt Web mistress

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Do read the guidelines.


Site Compiled by Claire Burt Email: or write to: 21 Wellside Avenue, Kingswells, Aberdeen, AB15 8EF