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Unauthorised Satellite Dishes: As a result of the recent cessation of cable services in Aberdeen the City Council is aware that satellite dishes are in some cases being installed without planning approval.

Residents who have not satisfied themselves that planning approval has been granted or is required should reject dates for installation of such dishes given by suppliers.

Where installed without a necessary approval, satellite dishes are liable to enforcement action requiring removal and reinstatement at the property owner's expense. Owners are also likely to experience difficulties and delay if they attempt to sell their property without approvals.

Generally speaking planning approval is required if a satellite dish is installed:

* where there would be more than two dishes on a building divided into flats.

* where there would be more than one dish on a building divided into flats or in its garden.

* in a conservation area where a building is divided into flats or in its garden.

* in a conservation area on any wall or roof facing a road (including back lanes) of a house not divided into flats.

* anywhere on a listed building.

* where it would be on a flat roof or above the ridge line of a pitched roof.

* where it would not be sited so as to minimise its effect on the effect of the appearance of the building.

* where the dish would be more than 90 cm in any dimension.

Specific advice as to the need for planning permission in any particular case can be obtained by filling in the Council satellite dish questionnaire available on the City Council website, or from the Planning and Strategic Development Department (telephone 523470). Planning application forms are available from the same source.

Where a property is a former council house (house or flat), landlord's consent is also required. Where a property is a former council house or council flat, superiors consent is also required.

Further information about landlord's and superior's consent is available by telephoning the Environment and Property Department on 522374.

Design Guidance: This information can only give you brief guidance. Staff in the Council's Planning section of Aberdeen City Council are will to discuss with you any specific proposals you may have. You are recommended to contact them as soon as you start to think about building any extensions, alterations, fences, sheds, garages or similar buildings.  

This information provides guidance to householders living in the new village of Kingswells who wish to alter or extend their houses or erect freestanding buildings in or around their gardens. The Council intends that this advise will help householders obtain planning permission quickly and easily.

Because of a special direction made by the Secretary of State for Scotland planning permission is needed at Kingswells before any extension or external alterations are carried out and before any building or structures are erected in or around a private garden. The direction was made because the area has special amenity value and lies in open countryside. Its sensitive location was recognised by the emphasis placed on good quality design and layout when planning permission was granted.

A master plan and guide have been prepared so that a high standard of design layout can be achieved and to emphsasie that suburban type housing layouts are not acceptable.

The following design principles should be followed:-

  • all extensions should appear as though they were part of the original house.
  • building design should reflect the character of traditional local buildings.
  • roofs should normally be pitched at 40 degrees or more.
  • all wall and roof materials should normally match those of the existing building
  • other materials such as granite masonry, concrete facing block or granite chip dry dash will often be acceptable depending on particular proposals.
  • smooth white rendering and concrete facing bricks are not acceptable.
  • timber weather boarding should be dark stained
  • no barge boards shall be permitted.
  • garages should either form part of the house or be designed with pitch roofs.
  • porches and outbuildings should have pitched roofs.
  • fences should not be horizontally boarded or railed.
  • external finishing material s lying on the same plane should not be mixed.
  • as a general rule no extension should project forward of the main front wall of a house.
  • no wall, apart from a gable wall, should exceed the height of the eaves of he existing house.
  • dormer windows should be as unobtrusive as possible with windows as ends of the dormer.

They should not be constructed:

  • off the walled or gable wall.
  • so that they extend to or above the ridge of the house - in detached properties, extend to within one metre of a gable wall.
  • so that they cut the hip of the roof.

You may live in a quiet road where cars and pedestrians share the same surface and there are no footpaths. Such roads allow a more intimate atmosphere to be created. This means, however, that electricity and telephone cables and water and gas pipes which normally run under the footpaths instead run through your garden in a strip between 1.5metres and 2metres from the edge of the road. If they do, a layer of open concrete slabs will have been laid within this strip just below the surface of your garden. As these slabs prevent damage by heavy vehicles which might override the kerb, it is important that they are not removed. Please do not plant shrubs, heathers or trees or construct rockeries in this strip as they may have to be removed to allow access by the service authorities. For the same reason planning permission is unlikely to be granted for the erection of boundary wall, fences or railings on this strip.

Service Strip (marked between arrows)

(Information reproduced by kind permission of Aberdeen City Council)



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