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A SUGGESTION: Why not ask David Maitland to address the comments raised by all and sundry in the opinions and comments section - he can reply directly to issues and give his reasoning for actions. Or is he too scared ? I guess that's what councillor call is meant to be about but all David Maitland seems to do is give us an endless tirade of "I secured.."; "I introduced..."; "I am a ..."; "I have... "; and so. There's just far too many "I's" in it and not enough direct reply's to the issues that matter. I for one believe he's not doing a good job and has far too big an ego about how much he really is worth. We are not all eternally grateful to someone who continually blows his own trumpet!! I would think a straw poll of the Kingswells community in general would reinforce this comment. TM (Posted 22.6.2001)
GOING ROUND THE BEND: I am in full agreement with TM (2.6.01). The one way system in front of the shops should start at the shop exit. Turning left there does not cause any safety issues! The part in front of the shops will, indeed at busy times, benefit from a one-way; due to people parking instead of going into the most ill designed car park you could get. Only the Great Western Nursery car park is worse. Those with children there will agree!!! They should do away with the steps at the chemist and make the car park a one way - in one end out the other. This would save a load of trouble, as people entering and exiting the shops have to do so in turn at present. I am sure Cllr. Maitland won't agree, as he himself stays the direction of the one way and it was him we have to thank for the current one way debacle!!! So e-mail if you agree. I see they have painted on a big arrow, to let people no it's one way, but who really cares. I for one will still ignore this, as common sense has yet again in Kingswells gone daft (Re school issue).

Whilst I'm on, why do Stewart Milne still advertise Kingswells with its purposely designed school and facilities (NOT out grown already, I don't really blame him as he is a business man. It's the Planning / Council that need to get a GRIP! BS (Posted 20.6.2001)

CORSE SPEED BUMPS: In response to GM's comments on speed bumps in Corse Wynd or rather the lack of, he/she should perhaps take a walk round here some day and see for themselves how narrow and tight the bend at the bottom of the road actually is!

In Stewart Milne's greed for profit, he didn't leave enough space for pavements as he squeezed the houses in. You have to walk on the road to get round the corner. The design of the road supposed to slow drivers down as the whole back stretch is effectively a single carriageway. It is not designed for two way or even throughway passage. Perhaps some "No Vehicular Access" signs like they have at Den of Kingswells on the main road would help, but then some people might expect to see motorbikes jumping cars when they get round the corner!

Children play around their homes. So in our street that means in gardens (not much room there!) or on the road. The residents (mostly) understand & expect to see kids on the road, it is just the pizza delivery boys & sightseers that don't show any consideration. Most of the housing in Kingswells is designed in cul-de-sacs. Unfortunately ours isn't. That said we have educated our kids to be aware and to take care.

We chose to live out here so that we wouldn't have to put up with the inherent dangers of life in the city like enormous volumes of traffic and noise. so when driving on lock block road remember that by definition it it is a pedestrian right of way not vehicle. BG Corse Wynd (Unrelated to GG). (Posted 15.6.2001)

LONG GRASS: The grass verges both in Kingswells Crescent loop road and the By-Pass seem to be very over-grown this year. With the heavy council tax charges surely we can expect a better service than this? It all looks very scruffy. From Caz (Posted 13.6.2001)
DEAR TOM, I agree fully with your feelings about Gillahill, but I feel we are powerless against Stewart Milne Homes, I think it has already gone too far to stop now. I've written several letters and had letters back, but I know for a fact that SM owns a lot of land around Kingswells, (both sides), and it is only a matter of time before it is developed. I love living here with all the birds and wildlife, it will be a great shame, but I feel I can do nothing to stop him. From Kate.D (Posted 5.6.2001)
ONE WAY ROADS: I'm generally in favour of the one way road however I think there are a few issues that need addressing. Firstly with turning right after coming from the shops: I don't agree that a dangerous practice has now suddenly started occurring - turning left has been happening all the time and should be no surprise for anyone. Where exactly the one way street starts is not clear - there is no clear sign saying no entry or painted white lines. The present sign could equally be inferred as one way from that point only (i.e. after the stop).

Secondly I do not see any added benefit of making everyone go round a small street simply for the sake of it, in particular with large delivery trucks this could easily be an added danger with young children and the pedestrian crossing where it is. These large delivery vehicles have a difficult enough time as it is and there is no value in making them go round the narrow bit of road.

For efficiency and safety of all I would propose that the one way should start AFTER the stop street coming from shop car park and FINISH at the old car park. This satisfies the best of both worlds, making the narrow bit of road one way and thus safer and easier for all, and making it more practical for vehicles and drivers to go to either end of the complex. TM (Posted 2.6.2001)

I feel that Dr Straiton's letter (see web page Improving Kingswells ) hits the nail on the head in many respects. The litter disgrace is sadly a reflection of a wider national malaise (see recent letters in the Scotsman on this very theme) and we ought to see littering in the same way as other socially unacceptable behaviours - zero tolerance must be cultivated. With regard to further development, I welcome improved services and facilities for Kingswells but am yet to be convinced by the proposed leisure development. Surely no incursion onto green belt should be entertained even for a "health" facility. At the end of the day this is still a commercial development that will encourage yet more vehicle movements in an already busy part of the city area. If this goes ahead are we not on a slippery slope to further development on green belt which, when added to continued expansion at Westhill, could see the A944 succumb to "sprawl" and become, in effect, a "gasoline alley"? I am all for improved health and fitness in any community but are their not sufficient existing facilties for the target market which, at the end of the day, is AB15 - not Kingswells. Maybe one remedy for fitness could be for significant sections of the local community to get out of their 4x4s and people carriers and take a good long walk while they still can! Alan Graham (Posted 9.5.2001)
Derbeth Park.
As a user of the small play park on Derbeth Park I have noticed that it is the only park in Kingswells situated directly next to a road. In my opinion it is very dangerous as the children often run or cycle out of the park onto the road. The park itself is like a huge cat litter tray and this prevents parents from allowing their children use it. I have also noticed that the landscaping surrounding the play area is rather untidy, especially the footpath which leads to the burn. I have asked the developer if this area is to be improved, but was told it was to be left in its natural state. Rather disappointing! Any comments? CW (Posted 8.5.2001)
Clean and Green
would be happy to assist you with a community clean-up day in Kingswells. It's worth noting that such a day is already planned (by the local scout group and other community members) to take place in early June, date to be confirmed.

Can you let me know if you'd like to link in with this event (which seems to make sense) or set up a separate clean-up. I am able to help with planning, safety equipment, waste collections and PR. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Guy Robertson - Aberdeen City. Posted 2.5.2001

Buses. Thank you for your e-mail. As you may be aware we are currently in the process of re-launching our network of services within Aberdeen.

As part of these changes there will be a new timetable for the 14/15 service in place from Sunday 13th May. We are currently working on stop to stop information for all of the services and once we have completed the information for the Kingwells areas I will forward them to you. It is however important to emphasise that the times displayed would be approximate times from that particular point.

We have no information available on the Kingwells Park and Ride site. The council have still to put this service out to tender.

I hope this information will be of help to you and wish you every success with your community website. I will forward the bus stop details to you as soon as we have them available (hopefully within the next 10 days). Kevin Riddle - First Aberdeen Posted 30.4.2001

Sports complex? What are residents views about the sports complex which might be getting built in Kingswells? What are peoples thoughts, feelings and opinions. (Louise Posted 24.4.2001)
Sorting out the Halls.
To correct some terminology - - - - The Village Hall situated opposite Kingswells Parish Church is regularly referred to as the "Church Hall". It is NOT the Church Hall and has nothing to do with the Church!

To avoid confusion that has reigned for quite a long time, please note that the Village Hall is administrered by a local Hall Committee ( which just happens to have the minister for its chairman, and a majority of Kirk members on its management committee) and exists for the benefit of the whole community, having been gifted for this purpose by the late Mr Edmonds (an eminent solicitor) early last century. Bookings for the Village Hall should be addressed to Mrs Arthur Stewart 740235

The Church Buildings, which are also for the benefit of the entire population, also have halls for public use, and these can be booked by contacting the Church caretaker - - Mrs Joyce Jones 742827 Now you know. Harvey Grainger. (Further details from: ) Posted 24.4.2001

The people of Kingswells will have a voice! There has been a resurgence of interest in establishing the Kingswells Community Council. A number of people have pledged to form a committee. If you are interested to join us, but have not yet contacted me or want further information, please e mail - Barrie Buchan at the following address... Posted 21.4.2001
Community Council.
Do they have any 'Clout'
Please can you tell us more about the community council, such as where does it meet, how often, and what is it responsible for? Do they have any 'Clout' with the City Council? We look forward to your reply. Wendy Farquharson.
Hope it's not Kingswells folk!
Isn't the area south of the roundabout towards Cults a disgrace with litter?

Assorted detritus tossed from car windows. I've been along there and picked up some, but it's away as bad again. Hope it's not Kingswells folk! KD Kingswood

Inconsiderate drivers. I would like to draw to the attention of the drivers, many of whom are parents dropping off/picking up young children, who park outside the church hall on Old Skene Road just how dangerous you are making that area for all road users.

The inconsiderate, not to say illegal, parking of a mindless few on and around the bend/corner at the Church Hall make it only a matter of time before there is a serious accident.

This is something both the police and the local councillor should take a very close look at in the overall review of road safety in Kingswells, with the immediate introduction of double yellow lines as a first step. There is ample safe parking in both the church car park and also in the cul-de-sac part of Old Skene Road, why not use it? Fiona Saunders John Arthur Court

Are Speed bump necessary? In response to "GG" of Corse Wynd. (Posted 9.4.2001) Do you think speed bumps are necessary in such a small street? Should parents really be letting their children play in the middle of the street.

I feel it is totally irresponsible for parents to let their children play on or near any road unsupervised, and then blame a motorist for injuring innocent little Johnny use. GM Kingswell

Smarten up the village centre. Having had a closer look at the village centre/square, so to speak, it occurred to me that with a bit of artistic thought and, of course, some money!, a fountain/flower boxes/attractive lighting and seating would really lift this small area and give it a much more pleasant and quality feel. At present it is certainly neat and tidy enough but lacks atmosphere. Any thoughts from anyone else on this? A Wilson, Bethlin Mews
Speed bumps.
Question....have you any ideas why Corse Wynd never received speed humps? I ask this because soon there is going to be an accident with children using this narrow single roadway as a play area ........ Many non residents speed up and down the brick layered area of Corse Wynd with no regard to safety... I did contact the council ,but they don't have any money !! GG. Corse Wynd
Web-Neighbourhood watch.
How can we start a web-neighbourhood watch? Any ideas? What's the best approach to take if you see a suspicious vehicle?

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