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Kingswells "Rebecca and Parsley's Diary"

Updated: 16 December 2002

The diary of Kingswell's very own Guide Dog Puppy.

REBECCA'S DIARY - 16th December 2002

Hello, everyone. Rebecca again. Are you all ready for Christmas? And have you been to any Christmas parties? I've been to three. One was at Ardene House Veterinary Hospital to meet new puppies in the area. We had lots of fun and got lots of doggie treats. The other two parties were Guide Dog puppy parties and one of them was a fancy dress party. Mum dressed me up as the fairy on the Christmas tree with a frilly skirt and hat. I didn't think it was fair because my costume itched and I'm sure I looked silly and everyone laughed at me. So embarrasing. But all the puppies were dressed up, so that didn't make it quite so bad.

Since I last wrote, I've been to my first RSNO music concert in the Music Hall. It was a bit noisy at times, but Mum and Dad thought it was great. I was a good girl and kept quiet and lots of people spoke to me. So that was nice. I believe I'm going to another one this week. It's a Christmas concert.

Remember to be good girls and boys and write a nice letter to Santa to tell him what you would like for Christmas. I'll be writing my one (Mum will help), so I hope I get something nice too. Remember to leave something for Santa on Christmas Eve and some water and maybe a carrot or two for his reindeer.

Have a great time at Christmas. I would like to wish everyone a Very Happy Christmas and a Good New Year. Lots of love to you all from Rebecca.

PS. Remember to save all your Christmas card and parcel stamps for Guide Dogs.

REBECCA'S DIARY - 2nd December 2002

Hello, everyone. Rebecca here again. I believe Christmas is coming soon, with lots of Christmas cards and parcels on their way. So this is just a little reminder to save all the postage stamps you can for me. There is a collecting box in the school, but you can also give them to Debbie or Mike at the Community Centre. Do you know, Guide Dogs made £35,000 last year from all the stamps that were collected, or so Mum says and she knows about these things. So wasn't that good. Lets try to make it more this year.

I've been hearing a lot about Santa Claus lately. I'm just little so I haven't heard about him before, but I hear that he brings presents for good girls and boys. I'm a girl and I try to be good so will he bring something for me? And when does he come? It sounds exciting. If you see me, will you explain it all, please? My Mum has told me some lovely stories about Santa and about Christmas and I hope they are all true. But I'm still not sure about Santa, so if you can explain, I'd be very happy.

I hope to have some more news for you soon, so keep looking. Lots of love from Rebecca.

REBECCA'S DIARY - 21th November 2002

Hi, folks. Hasn't the weather been awful. Not good for puppies like me! I hate the rain and the wind, but Mum says I still have to go out and go shopping with her. When the mornings are dark and wet, I would just like to stay in bed! I bet a lot of my girls and boys friends feel like that, too.

I meet lots of you going to school in the mornings and also at Sunday School. But this week and last, too, I met lots of girls at Rainbows and I did enjoy that. Hope all the girls liked it,too. But I didn't get to do the blindfold walk with you, as I'm too small. But Glennis, the retired Guide Dog, did the blindfold walk with you and enjoyed it. I hope all the Rainbows enjoyed meeting Glennis and me and doing the blindfold walk. And hearing about Guide Dog puppies from my Mum.

I'll write some more soon. Wish the rain would go away. Lots of love from Rebecca.

REBECCA'S DIARY - 17th October 2002

Hello, everyone. Rebecca here again. Well, I'm settling in at Kingswells and enjoying meeting everyone in the morning when I'm out for a walk, specially all the girls and boys going to school. Please don't make yourselves late for school, though. When I say I'm out for a walk, that isn't completely true, 'cos my Mum has to carry me for a lot of the way, as I'm still very small. And I do feel this cold weather a lot. Hasn't it been cold lately. And my fur coat isn't very thick yet. But I'm enjoying life here in Kingswells and I have beeen getting around a bit too, 'cos Mum takes me in the car when she goes shopping and to other places. Did you see my picture in the Press & Journal? I was very proud to have it taken and I was blushing too, but you can't see my blushes in the photo 'cos my face is black.

Can I tell you about something that is happening soon and I'd like you all to come. I'd like to invite everyone to a Christmas Card sale and coffee which my Mum is having at the Community Centre on Saturday, 26 October, from 10.30am onwards. Quite a lot of the cards are doggie ones but there will be other ones too and it's all in aid of Guide Dog funds. So I do hope that you will all be able to come. I'll be there for at least some of the time, so I look forward to seeing you then.

Guy Fawkes Night will be here soon, my Mum says, and that isn't a good time for us dogs - or cats too. So can I ask everyone to please have consideration for all animals at Guy Fawkes time and especially the Guide Dogs. I've heard that many blind people who rely on their Guide Dogs are trapped in their houses for almost a month these days because of the thoughtlessness of others letting off noisy fireworks and scaring the dogs. Mum says that she will take me out to see the fireworks and hear them, to try to get me used to them so I won't be scared, but if only the fireworks were kept just for Guy Fawkes Night, it wouldn't be so bad. So please do remember the animals and keep your fireworks for Guy Fawkes Night. Thanks a lot.

Well, I think that's all for now. Looking forward to seeing you all around the Village and at the Xmas Card sale on 26 October. Lots of love from Rebecca.

REBECCA'S DIARY - 2nd October 2002

Hello everyone. My name is Rebecca and my colour is black. I have just arrived in Kingswells today and it's all very strange and new for me because I have never been away from my doggy Mum before and she is a long way away now, 'cos she lives in the Midlands of England. She is a Black Labrador and my doggy Dad is a Golden Retriever. So here I am. I'm very small and weigh 3.84 lbs. I am 6 1/2 weeks old. If you are wondering why I'm writing a Diary, it is because I met Parsley at the Forfar Training Centre when I was on my way to Aberdeen and he said he had written a Diary and I should do one too so that I could tell all the friends of his and who I hope will be my friends too, all about me and the things I do. He sends his love to everyone and says that he is doing well and working hard at his lessons (at least, that is what HE says, but I'm sure it is true). He has started to wear a real Guide Dog harness and says he quite likes it because it makes him feel important.

Parsley said to remind all the girls and boys to continue collecting stamps for Guide Dogs. The collecting boxes are still in the school and Community Centre. If you can't find them, Parsley says to ask your teachers or Debbie at the Community Centre. And if any school classes or any of the organisations want to hear more about Guide Dogs and puppies and what they do, my new Kingswells Mum can come along and explain everything. But she will have to explain it all to me first, 'cos I'm not too sure about it all yet!

I think I'm going to like it here in Kingswells. There is another dog where I live called Glennie. She seems very stern and strict and is sort of ignoring me at the moment, but my new Mum says it will be OK and that Glennie will be friends once she gets to know me. There is also a cat called Mr Holly (funny name for a boy cat), but he sort of ignores me too. But my new Mum and Dad seem OK and they play with me, even if Glennie and Mr Holly don't.

I wasn't long in Forfar, but I was long enough for Parsley to show me a little bit about how to work the computer. He says I'll get better with practice.

So that's my first day here. I haven't been out for a walk yet, but Mum says she will take me tomorrow morning and every morning if the weather isn't too bad. So I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. Parsley told me all about all his girls and boys pals, so I hope you will all be my friends too. Watch out for me when you are going to school. As I said, I'm very small and I'm black, so you shouldn't miss me. And remember, my name is Rebecca. Hope to see you soon. Love from Rebecca. ( Posted 2.10.2002)

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 28 August 2002

Hi, everyone. It's Parsley with a last, last word. I'm just on the point of leaving for my new school in Forfar, but i thought you might like to know how the Dog Walk went last Sunday. Well, it was a cold, dull day but at least it didn't rain. I had hoped that lots of people would come but there weren't all that many. Maybe the weather put some off. But quite a few of my doggie pals came and we had a good time and a nice walk. The total raised was £85.

Must go as the car is coming to take me to Forfar. I may not see you again, but I'll be thinking of you and I'll remember all the good times I had in Kingswells.

Lots of love from Parsley.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 19 August 2002

Hi, Everyone and specially all my girls and boys pals. Parsley here again. It's back to school time for all you girls and boys. What a bore! Bet the weather will be better just when school starts again. This will be my last Diary entry, as I have to go off to school, too. I have to go to the Secondary School just as some of you will have to this week. I have been in Primary School while I've been here in Kingswells, but the Secondary School for Guide Dog puppies is in Forfar and it's like a boarding school because I have to live there. I don't think I will get so many cuddles there as I get here and I bet they don't give out lots of dog biscuits and have nice food like I get here either. And I don't expect I'll get so many walks and fun. But Mum says I have to go because it is part of my education and I have to learn all the new lessons and do well if I want to be a real Guide Dog.

I'm going to miss you all because I have really liked being here in Kingswells and everyone has been so nice and kind to me. Even all the other dogs I meet are really nice too. I'm really going to miss my comfy home here and Mum says that it isn't so cosy at the Forfar boarding school. But I have to go. Nothing I can do about that. Though I wish I could. But Mum says that she and Dad will come to see me in Forfar sometimes.

Anyhow, I'm not away yet and I hope I will see you all next Sunday afternoon, 25 August, when I'm having my Doggie Walk. It isn't too far, so no one will get tired out, not even my small boys and girls pals and doggie pals. Everyone will meet at the Community Centre at 2.30pm. It's for a bit of fun and also to try to raise some money for Guide Dog funds, so please bring £1 with you as a donation to funds. (More if you like, I don't mind!). Lets hope the weather is nice - even just dry would be good. So I'm looking forward to seeing you all then.

Well, everyone. I'm off to Forfar soon and as this will be my last Diary, can I just say that it has been great meeting you all and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I could stay but I can't, so that's that. I'll be crying when I leave. Take care of yourselves, work hard at school all you girls and boys (just like I will) and be good to each other. I think another puppy will be coming in September, so maybe he or she will write a Diary too.

Lots of love to you all, from Parsley.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 3 August 2002

Hi, everyone. Here I am again. Gosh isn't the summer passing quickly, though there hasn't been much summer weather, at least, not here in Kingswells. I expect a lot of my pals have been off on holiday as I haven't seen as many of you around as usual. Hope you went somewhere where the sun shines and it's warm. I was on holiday a few weeks ago. I went with my Mum and Dad and Glennis the other dog who stays with Mum and Dad (I'm sure you will know Glennis - or Glennie as she is often called). We went to a cottage in the Black Isle for a week but the weather wasn't very good. But I had fun and there were ponies in the field beside the cottage and I did like going to speak to them. They were very friendly and even gave me some of their grass to munch. Apart from that, I haven't been doing anything very exciting. Mum and Dad did take me and Glennis for a walk one day at Drum Castle and we found a lovely mud pool where we had a good wallow.and splash around. Mum and Dad weren't very pleased because both Glennie and I were covered in lovely black smelly mud from head to toe. Dad had to go to the castle and ask for a bucket of water to clean us up a bit before we could go in the car and we had to have baths when we got home. I loved the mud but not the bath. Why couldn't we have just kept the mud on. It was lovely.

Can I tell you about something that's happening later this month? My Mum is organising a Kingswells Dog Walk in aid of Guide Dogs to be held in the afternoon of Sunday, 25 August, starting at 2.30 pm at the Community Centre. All are welcome, with or without a dog (but I hope that lots of doggie pals will come along and join in). So do come along and join your doggie friends for a "barking good time"....and some exercise too. The minimum donation is £1 (it isn't really a sponsored one or anything like that - more a fun afternoon) but all proceeds go to Guide Dogs for the Blind funds. And it won't be a hugh hike either, so no one need be worried about a very big distance. I'll be there and I hope that I'll see lots of you, too. Do come along, everyone. And lets hope it's a fine day, weatherwise - though we'll do it in the rain if necessary, with wet weather clothes on! There will be posters soon about it around the Village Centre.

Well, I think that's about it again. Take care, everyone, and don't think about school starting, though when it does, I'll see more of you all. Keep well and lets hope the sun shines again, soon.

Lots of love from Parsley.

Please keep collecting your stamps, to raise money for a guide dog puppy.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 4 June 2002

Hi there everyone. It's Parsley again. I haven't been writing to you for a wee while because, guess what? I've been on my hols! Yes, I was away for 3 weeks staying with some doggie friends in the country - plus cats. There were 2 German Shepherd dogs called Violet and Gracie and another Guide Dog Puppy called Alfie - and 7 cats. They all live at a cottage, but the cats mostly stay outside as they have their own little house. It is really a cosy shed but it says "Cat House" above the door. I had really super fun 'cos there was a huge garden and nobody minded if we dogs romped around and did some digging! I chased some of the cats too, but they are used to dogs and just chased me back! I didn't want to go home 'cos I was enjoying myself so much. But I had to. So the hols are all over. It is a horrible feeling to have to go home especially when you are enjoying yourself, like me. It didn't matter if there was some rain and not-so-bright days because we could all play out side even if it was raining.

But I'm home now, so I'll be looking out for you all. Don't forget to speak to me when you see me. And keep saving the stamps. I have to take great care when crossing roads, so all of you must take care too. You see, one day I shall have to take a blind person across the road, so I have to learn to be very careful.

Lots of love from Parsley.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 25 April 2002

There was a good clean-up of litter and rubbish around Kingswells the other Sunday. Mum and Dad helped but Mum wouldn't let me go too, because she said I'd either get in the way or eat too much of the "rubbish" and make myself sick. It wasn't fair 'cos I know I could have been a big help and do you think I would eat rubbish? Well. I don't think I would have, but Mum said different. When I went for a walk later that day, I could see that the "Clean Team" had made a good job, as everywhere looked really tidy and some of the trees and bushes had been cut, too. I know that some of you girls and boys helped too, so well done. You did great. The duck pond was cleaned too, I heard, but I did hear that one girl fell in! No harm done, but I hope your Mum didn't give you a row! But I was sad when I had a walk round two days later, 'cos there was lots of litter and rubbish again. I'm sure none of my pals drop litter, but if you see anyone else doing it, please ask them to bin it. There are litter bins around for that. It makes such a mess and is an attraction for me! And then I get a row. And please don't drop sweets or chocolate or other things to eat, cos' us dogs do like to pick them up and then we are sick, specially with chocolate which Mum says us dogs should never have, though doggie chocolate is maybe OK. And as for chewing gum. Well. You try getting it off your paws. I've had it on mine and it is very difficult and very sore to get off. So, please everyone, no dropped gum. But I'm sure you girls and boys never do things like dropping litter or gum or anything else. And as for broken bottles. Well. That's really dangerous, not only for me and my doggie pals, but also for all you girls and boys. I have a doggie pal who got a badly cut paw after walking on a bit of broken glass and just imagine what might happen if one of you fell on broken glass. I just don't like to think about it! So, bottles in bins please.

Hope the weather is getting better so I can get lots of walks. I love meeting you all in the morning before school - but don't make yourselves late. I might get the blame! I had a walk round the pond the other day and it was looking nice. And I saw that the ducks are back. So whoever fell in didn't scare them away. Glad I didn't fall in. My Mum would have been very angry with me, 'cos we Guide Dog puppies aren't supposed to do things like that. But I do like to splash about when I can. It's good fun. But if you do it, please take care. I'd love to play with the ducks, though, but we mustn't must we 'cos it could scare them.

A very big thank you to everyone who is collecting stamps to help my Guide Dog and Guide Dog puppy pals. I heard Mum say that there is quite a lot in the box in the Community Centre already and I hear that there is also a collecting box in school. Keep up the good work, everyone. It really does help.

Do you like going shopping? I do, 'cos everyone speaks to me and I like that. Bet you think shopping is boring. I'm allowed in to the shops because there is special permission for us Guide Dog puppies and of course Guide Dogs with their owners too. Dogs really aren't allowed in. I was at ASDA today. Gosh, it's very big. But I can speak to lots of people there.

Lets hope there will be lots of sunny days now, so we can all get out to play. I'll be looking out for you all. See you soon. Lots of love from Parsley.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 10 March 2002

Hi, everyone. Parsley here again. First of all, can I say a big "thank you" to everyone who has been asking for me since I last wrote, specially all the girls and boys. I'm glad to say that I'm feeling a lot better now and I have put on some weight which is good as I really looked thin. And I feel full of beans too and ready for anything - not that I really felt ill, even though I was. It was nice, though, that so many of my pals were worried about me. I really am grateful.

I was in forfar the other day with my Mum and Dad. We went to see Teddy who was the puppy here before me. Remember him. Well. He isn't a puppy any more - at least, he looks like a big dog now, but he is still a puppy at heart. We went to see him because he will soon be going to Edinburgh for his final training. Guide Dogs have started up a small training centre in Edinburgh. I think Teddy may be going to live with a blind person who lives in the Edinburgh area if he passes his exams. I heard Mum and Dad telling him that if he does not pass, he will come back to live with Mum and Dad, Glennie the retired Guide Dog, Mr Holly the cat and, of course, me. Mum and Dad saw Teddy going through his Guide Dog work in the Forfar streets and said he was doing very well and looked really loke a Guide Dog now. I stayed behind in the office and played with the girls and with Bramble the Border Terrier puppy who was there too. bramble ans I were playing with a doggie toy and one of the girls in the office put it on a desk to be out of our reach. But I wasn't having that, so i jumped up on to the desk to get the toy (first time I have done that - it was fun) 'cos Bramble was too small to jump up. I'm afraid I sent flying all the papers and files that were on the desk and it's a good job that computers are heavy or one of them would have gone flying too! I guess I just sort of slid right across the desk! Well! How was I to know? Just as well I didn't fall off the other end. Mum and Dad were very embarrased when they heard about it, but the girls (and me) just laughed and thought it was very funny. Anyhow, I was able to play with Teddy too when he came back from working, but we were out in a big field so that was alright! He said to tell everyone that he sends you all his love. He would like to come back, but I think he will be too good a Guide Dog to fail.

Can I tell you all a little about "Shades for a Day"? This is to happen on 18 June. It happened last year too, but I don't think it happened in Kingswells. What happens is that everyone can wear sun glasses to school (and work, too), if they have permission and pay a wee contribution towards Guide Dog funds. Mum is to speak to the Head Teacher at Kingswells school to ask if permission can be given for this "Shades for a Day" to take place on 18 June. If the Head Teacher agrees, everyone will also have to have permission from Mums and Dads to wear shades to school that day and all day too in the classrooms. I'm going to wear my shades that day, too. Hope it's a sunny day, not like today when it's snowing. I'll tell you more about it soon but I thought I'd let you know that hopefully, 18 June will be "Shades for a Day" day.

I think I'll stop as I'm feeling a bit tired now. And my little paws get a bit sore from hitting the computer keys.

Thank you all again for your kind wishes. I really appreciate it. I'm lucky to have so many good friends.

I'll write again soon. Love from Parsley.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 18 February 2002

Hello everyone. It's Parsley again. Before I go any further, can I thank everyone who read my last diary entry and have been saving postage stamps. There has been a super response and lots of you girls and boys have been telling Mum and me about it. Mum got two proper collecting boxes from the Guide Dogs Centre in Forfar. They are quite big and coloured yellow with writing on them to say what they are. The kind lady at the Community Centre has put one in the Community Centre entrance area near the office, so everyone can put their stamps in it. It will take a while, but once it is well filled, Mum will empty it and send the stamps to Forfar. Mum is going to ask if the other collecting box can be put in the Primary School, so there can be two places to put stamps in. But if that can't happen, at least there will be the one in the Community Centre. So, many thanks again, everyone, and keep collecting those used stamps. They really do help with the costs of training my Guide Dog pals.

I'm sorry to say that I have been a sick puppy since I last wrote to the Diary. I was very, very sick for two days and what a mess! In my bed and everything! But Mum wasn't angry because she said I couldn't help it. I had to go to the vet and he said I had something wrong with my tummy inside and so I have to get special food to eat. I got medicine too. It isn't infectious, so no one else and no other dogs can get it. It's just something I have in my tummy that has been there since I was tiny, the vet says, and it is just showing up now. He hopes it will go away but if it doesn't, I will just have to always have the special food to eat. But it won't stop me from being a real Guide Dog when I grow up. And I can tell you that it does not stop me in any way from having fun and running around. It's all to do with what is in my tummy and what food I eat. I can't even get a dog biscuit! What a bore! It's not fair. But I suppose I have to put up with it, if I'm going to be well. I expect lots of you girls and boys will know what I mean.

I'm very thin now, because I have been ill and have lost a lot of weight, though I have gained a little weight since I was really ill. But I'm still enjoying life and playing which is a good thing, the vet says. But I do feel a bit sleepy at times. I enjoyed meeting some of you at Kingswells Church Sunday School yesterday. I got fed up in church so Mum took me out to the Sunday School and that was much better 'cos I could be with all the girls and boys. Must do that again. In fact, the lady who runs the Sunday School said I could come any time. So I think I will.

I'm feeling a bit tired now, so I'd better stop. I'll be watching out for you all as I go on my walks round Kingswells. Say "Hello" to me if you see me. I know lots of you do, specially the girls and boys going to school in the morning. Lots of love from Parsley.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 22 January 2002

Hello there everyone. Parsley here again. Aren't some of these days gloomy and sad, specially when it's dull and rainy. I don't like them, but Mum says it's better than snow. I don't think so. Do you, girls and boys? Snow's much more fun. But it was nice last Sunday when I went for a lovely walk at Crathes Woods with Mum and Dad and Glennis. I think you all know Glennis. She is with Mum and me when we go for walks in the morning. I really enjoyed Crathes Woods and there were lots of lovely puddles for Glennis and me to play in. That's great fun though Mum and Dad don't think so! Aren't they spoil-sports?

Mum's quite pleased with my progress in learning how to be a Guide Dog. I'm learning how to stop at the kerb and cross the road properly. I hope you are too. Aren't those monsters called cars quite scaring - and dangerous too - as they shoot past. Alright when you are in them. Then they are quite fun and I like it. But not when you're trying to cross the road. Please do take care as I try to do, when you are crossing the road, girls and boys, especially near the school area - it's not nice at all in the mornings there. There is also a lot of stuff called "glass" on the pavements. Mum sometimes has to carry me in case I cut my paws and I'm getting too big for that! So don't run on the pavements, girls and boys, in case you fall on the glass and hurt yourselves. I wonder who can be so careless as to drop it everywhere?

By the way. Would you like to help Guide Dogs and Puppies like me? If so, could you ask your Mums and Dads to save all the postage stamps from their mail and you can give them to my Mum who sends them to the Training Centre because they can get money for them and this helps with the cost of training the Guide Dogs. Perhaps your teachers at school would like to help. Mum would be only too happy to collect any stamps from the school or from the Community Centre.

And do remember everyone, if you have any questions to ask about me and my Guide Dog pals, please ask. Mum and me will be very pleased to answer all your questions and tell you about us and what we do. She's something called a National Speaker for the Guide Dogs Association - so I'm told.

That's all for now. Have fun, everyone, as I do. But do take care. And don't get hurt. And watch out when crossing roads, just as I have to do. Love from Parsley.


Hello, Everyone. And a Happy New Year from Parsley to all my pals, two-legged and four-legged. I was away for the New Year with my Mum and Dad and Glennis to a cottage in the Black Isle. Gosh, what a lot of snow there was. There were blizzards on the way there and I was worried that we mightn't get through - but we did. And the snow was really deep where we were. A bit too deep for a little chap like me, but I did my best on walks, though it was cold on my little paws and tummy. There were three cottages together and the people in the other two were really nice. There were two little girls in one, with their Mum and Dad and Gran, on holiday like me. The girls were called Bethany and Hannah. I liked them and wish I could have played more with them but it was difficult in all the snow and ice. I went out in the car a few times with Mum and Dad and Glennis, in spite of the snow, to visit friends and - Very Important - to get dog food which my Mum had forgotten. Fancy her forgetting the most important thing! Anyhow, I had a good time, in spite of the snow and I'm home now. Hope you all had a good New Year. All the best for 2002. See you soon. Your pal, Parsley.


Hello, Everyone. It's Parsley again. Christmas is coming! This is fun. I hope all you girls and boys are having lots of Christmas parties. I've been to two, so far, and Santa came to each one - and I got a present both times. I'm going to another one this Saturday. Hope Santa comes to it, too. Yes. Puppies have Christmas parties! Then on Christmas Eve I'll be hanging up my stocking, just like all of you. So maybe Santa will come again. Gosh! Santa does have a busy time, doesn't he.
It really is great meeting so many of you, as I do nearly every day. I just love meeting all you girls and boys on the way to school. I hope you aren't late for school in the morning when you stop to speak to me. If you are, just blame me! Though I expect I'll get a row from your Head Teacher for making you late! I don't know if puppies are allowed in school, but as I'm a Guide Dog puppy, maybe your Head Teacher would let me come in with my Mum and she could tell everyone about us Guide Dog puppies and about big Guide Dogs too, like Glennie the retired Guide Dog who you meet with me in the mornings.
As I think I told you, I wasn't too well when I first came to Kingswells, but I'm really all better now and I feel full of beans. So I'll be able to enjoy Christmas and have a good time. I do hope that all of you will have a great time too and get lots of nice things from Santa. And sing lots of Christmas Carols. Do you think it will snow for Christmas? I hope it does, but my Mum and Dad say they hope not, because they say it makes it difficult to get about! They are just spoil-sports.
I hope I'll see lots of you during Christmas time, even when the school is closed for the holidays. I'll keep my eyes open for you. Watch out for me too. I hope you will all have a really nice Christmas and a super New Year. Lots of love from Parsley


Hello everyone. It's me again. I'm feeling a bit cold 'cos I'm just a wee chap and it's been snowing. Snow is funny stuff, isn't it. But I think it could be fun. It's the first time I've ever seen snow.
It's been great meeting some of you already around the village, specially all the girls and boys going to school. I worry in case you are late for school, but I do enjoy speaking to you.
I'm enclosing a couple of photos that my Uncle Mike took of me the other day. Thought you'd like to see them and it might help anyone who hasn't met me yet to recognise me. See you soon. Love from Parsley.


Hello folks. Parsley the Guide Dog puppy here again. And I am really here now, I'm happy to say. I arrived this morning.
I'm feeling a bit sleepy at the moment, 'cos everything is new to me and I've had a long journey. Also, I'm just a bit underweight since being a little bit unwell when I was a new-born puppy. But, otherwise, I'm fine. I'm really looking forward to meeting you all and specially all the girls and boys. Keep a lookout for me. I'll either be walking along or carried in the papoose (baby) carrier that my new Mum has got for me. She says carrying me will be easier in that than in her arms, specially if she's shopping. And I'll keep a lookout for you.
See you around soon. Love from Parsley. PS I'm a yellow/gold colour and very small.

PARSLEY'S DIARY - 5 November 2001

Hi, there. Parsley saying "Hello" again. I believe I'm to be in Kingswells round about 15 November. Sorry I haven't been able to get here sooner. At least, 5 November - Guy Fawkes Night - will be over and the days before and after it, too. I was very scared the other night and it wasn't even 5 November. I was glad I had my Mum and brothers and sister to cuddle up to. Hope my new Mum in Kingswells will cuddle me,too! I heard, through the grapevine, that Teddy was scared by all the noise, too. I don't blame him, or any of the other dogs around (and cats, too - mustn't forget them). Guy Fawkes Night seems to go on and on. I do hope it all stops soon, or else I won't be fit to come to Kingswells and I'm so looking forward to that and to meeting everyone. At this noisy time, please remember about us dogs - and, dare I say, cats too. Please think of the humans who rely on us dogs to get them around - The Blind People. They don't want to be trapped in their homes for three weeks or more because their Guide Dogs are frightened by the fireworks. Can't wait to meet you all. Love, Parsley.

Parsley's Diary - 27 October 2001.

Hello everyone. Parsley calling. I'm really sorry that I'm not here in Kingswells yet, as I'd hoped. Trouble is that my Mum had too many puppies and we are all too little to travel yet. Some of my brothers and sisters have been quite ill and our "doctor" won't let us leave our Mum till we're all a bit stronger and that means about 8 weeks old. Also we all have to beat least 8lbs in weight. We have a great Mum. She is a labrador. Dad is said to be a lovely golden retriever. I'd like to be good looking like him, but he never comes to see us, so what kind of a Dad is that? I'd hoped that by this time I would have met quite a lot of you around Kingswells, but I'll be there soon, I promise. But at least you can still see Teddy. I'm told he is a very big boy and will soon be going to the "big school" for Guide Dogs in Forfar, but I'm just a little lad now - but I'll grow! Looking forward to seeing you all soon, specially all the girls and boys. Love from Parsley.

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A few facts:

1. A Guide Dog Puppy is insured for £3500 from the day he is born until he starts working, then it escalates to £35000.

2. £1.30 feeds a puppy for a day - that is what the puppy walker like me gets - and that is the only payment a puppy walker gets. There is no fee or salary.

3. £5 provides a dog grooming kit.

4. £10 supports a working Guide Dog partnership for a day.

5. £25 provides two dog beds.

6. £60 provides a harness, lead, collar and collar bell for a working dog.

7. £100 provides 4 white canes.

8. £250 feeds a Guide Dog for a year.

9. £600 provides training for one visually impaired person to improve their independence and mobility.

10.£1000 co-sponsors a Guide Dog puppy.

11.£2500 co-sponsors a Guide Dog in training.

12.£3650 supports a working Guide Dog partnership for one year - that's the dog and blind owner


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