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Kingswells Picture Gallery

LOCAL residents photographs, views and scenes of Kingswells through all the seasons. Please send your contributions to: and remember to provide your name for an accreditation.

A gallery which includes some images around the Kingswells area.
Winters morning from the Morton Family. (Posted 9.4.2001)

Kingswells Primary School Annual May Fair Saturday 11th May 2002


Card Tricks

Decorative Finger Nails

Face Painting

Scouts Clean Up - Sunday 17th June. 2001


To see the maps Step 1. Click on one of the links below. 2. Save the file to your desktop (or use a helper application) like Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader from the following

Bus Routes - MAPS (Posted 2.6.2001)

Metro map simple (A4).pdf

Hi Kingswells people, Have a look in to this web site that was passed on to me by a friend. The aerial pictures were taken back in summer "94" see if you can pick out your house before it was built, use your address or your post code for the search. Look it up at Regards John Coutts



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