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Sporting Kingswells

Updated: 9 August 2004

Kingswells Rovers finished a worthy second in our consolation group, with the team finally coming good and winning their last three games.

Byron Munchkin Gladbach 1 Kingswells Rovers 2

Bucksburn United 1 Kingswells Rovers 2

Broomhill Villa 0 Kingswells Rovers 7

Top goal scorer for the tournament was Calum Smith, with the highlight being the last game when we scored seven goals and managed to keep our first clean sheet with the help of Man of the Match, Goalkeeper Iain McKay. (Posted 9.8.2004)

Kingswells Rovers - Champion Street 2004

The squad is made up of nineteen players, both boys and girls from the Kingswells area. (With the exception of two boys, who are former residents of the area).

All the children are returning to Primary school after the summer break, this is one of the criteria which must be met to play for the team; the other is an age restriction.

All the children were selected to play by myself and the majority of the team will make up the school 11 a-side team to play in the 2004-2005 primary school league.

There are a mixture of children from Primary 5 up to Primary 7 (2004/5 school term), with the team captain being Drew Milne (my son).

We have had a tough competition to date in which we have failed to win, however the second phase of the competition has only just began, where we will compete for the Goldsmith Trophy. This is in effect the consolation tournament which is run to keep all the kids involved for the full 5 weeks of the competition.

The children's names are as follows:-

Sarah Milne

Lindsey Coutts

Drew Milne

Daniel Busby

Nardeen Kader

Calum Robertson

Andrew McLeod

Connor George

Scott Melville

Liam Brown

Lewis Mennie

Mikey Christides

Callum Smith

Jordon Towers

Ross MacDonald

Grant Peddie

Blair Sutherland

Ian McKay

Robbie Collinson

Mark Milne manages the team with the assistance of Derek Busby, Ian Sutherland and Laurence McLeod. (Whose children also all play for the team) Posted 22.7.2004

MADRID LOOK REAL DEAL AFTER MCNELIS DOUBLE: It was last minute heartbreak for Newburgh United as Woodside Madrid took the honours in a pulsating clash between the two group favourites.

An earlier strike from Edward McNELIS, and a Newburgh counter through Lewis McGOWAN, meant the game was going the way of many of the big matches so far when the sides went into the latter stages locked at 1-1.

Just when it looked like they would have to settle for a draw, up stepped Edward McNELIS in the final minute to crack home a fine 25-yarder.

Madrid managed to win every one of their group games at this stage last year before struggling in the second group phrase, and this year they feel they have a point to prove.

With Edward McNelis in superb form - now three goals in his two games -

Woodside are now the side to beat in Section B.

Elsewhere in their section, Cove Madrid came out on top in a seven goal thriller against Kingswells Rovers.

Ryan FRASER managed a double in between goals from Ross FINDLATER and Darren FORBES.

A Callum SMITH double and a Drew MILNE strike weren't enough for unlucky Kingswells.

Mastrick Reds managed a surprise 2-1 win against Bucksburn United virtue of a Callum ADAMS double overshadowing Douglas REID'S goal for Bucksburn.

In Section A, Parkway Puma thumped Ashlee Albion 8-1.

Ashlee went into the game as group leaders, however a spate of holiday call-offs meant they were only able to field two of the regular performers and the new look team couldn't cope with an impressive Parkway outfit.

Despite Richard DUTHIE'S strike, Matthew CALDER and Josh LAMBERTY both helped themselves to hat-tricks while Andrew HUNTER notched a double in the rout.

The other two games were to finish in finish in draws. Dean McDOUGAL and Aaron WALKER both scoring for Torry Villa to help them to a 2-2 draw against Midstocket Meteors, who had Seamus DUFF and Iain RODGER to thank for their tally.

In the other section game, Broomhill Villa and Fernhill Rovers settled for a 0-0 draw.

* Champion Street is sponsored by Glenvarigill Honda, Belmont Vauxhall, Arnold Clark, Great Northern Trophies and the Dugout. (Posted 15 July 2004).

SOOYANG DO - Westdyke Leisure Centre, Westhill

SOOYANG DO is a unique martial arts system which combines traditional martial arts philosophy with a dynamic and innovative approach to training which will enable the practitioner to develop realistic self-defence skills in a stress free environment.

SOOYANG DO offers each student a challenging syllabus which enables them to develop physically and mentally whilst ensuring that the traditional characteristics of moral integrity are nurtured and maintained.

For more Information Contact:
Mr. Bruce Wood
TEL/FAX 01224 313481
EMAIL: or (Kingswells contact) (Posted 4.2.2004)

INLINE SKATING: If your interested in getting fit and having some fun. Contact David McGrath who is planningan inline skating group at the community centre. Anyone interested should contact him on 07768 230451 or email him at So get your stakes on...(Posted 6.9.2002)

SKATE BOARDING QUERY: (Posted 10.3.2002) Here is a response to the skateboard query. The summary is supposed to allow the younger residents to get the facts without getting too technical.

To summarise the conclusions of the discussion:

1. The provision of a skateboard park could cost £20,000

2. The provision of a bowling green could cost between £50,000 and £250,000

3. Proper estimates of cost need to be obtained.

4. Funds will need to be raised from the Lottery or other source of funding.

5. If the bowling green costs too much then alternative uses of the'site for a bowling green' may be considered.

6. Nothing can be decided until the Community Centre Committee visits the new facility, and obtain proper cost estimates.

A more detailed minute of the discussion follows:

The community council met with Trevor Mackie, the chair of the community centre committee. We discussed the plans for the new community sports facility that is currently under construction at the north end of the village. The facility provides changing facilities, a meeting room, 2 No.changing rooms, a football pitch, and an all-weather-surface, and the space for a bowling green.

The bowling green will require funding to complete. The figure quoted several years ago was £50,000; but one of the public who is 'in the know' said that a figure of £250,000 was more realistic.

There was some discussion regarding alternative use of the 'bowling area' if the costs were as high as £0.25m. One of these suggestions was skateboarding.

Trevor has asked Stewart Milne Group to provide an estimate for the completion of a bowling green. No real decision can be made until the committee visit the site, and receive the estimated cost.

The committee will have to raise funds for the new bowling green, or alternative. The community council suggested that they could also ask for funding for skateboarding. The cost of the Westhill skateboard park was £20,000. Funding for the communal facility at the beach is in doubt, and in any case the beach is too far away to be useful for Kingswells. Consequently, Kingswells really needs to raise the funds to construct its own facility.

Trevor agreed to take the suggestions made to his committee. Regards, KCC

Pictures of the changing rooms(See attached file: kings_arrgt2_pdf)(See attached file: kings_arrgt1_pdf)

SKATEBOARDING : To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing to you due to the numerous requests from skater boarders and rollerbladers etc. in Kingswells for a place to pursue their sporting interests.I am writing to you in hopes that you will consider constructing some kind of facility for these activities. I have a suggestion as to how to go about this. It has been noticed that the lower level of the newly-constructed park and ride facility is rarely used for it's given purpose, and even when used, only sparingly. As the park and ride is already being used for skateboarding and rollerblading, etc., I suggest that a small area of the lower level of the park and ride be used at the grounds on which to construct a skatepark. As there is a growing number of people in Kingswells becoming interested in these activities and the doctor's surgery-- a popular location for these activities-- has now prohibited skating and blading, a skatepark would be a welcomed addition to Kingswells. I would greatly appreciate your consideration of this request. Yours sincerely,Jordan Smith
(Posted 2.3.2002)

Runners - Can we start a Kingswells running club? Women and men, open to all abilities from beginners to marathon experts? If you are interested please email me at (Posted 4.3.2002)

Grampian Orienteers is the local orienteering club. We run events in many locations, but the closest to Kingswells are Kingshill (the hill SW of the roundabout), Hazlehead, Kirkhill (both North and South) and finally Cults (beside the school).

There are summer evening events coming up in all these locations for budding runners - families and new orienteers will be most welcome. The website is Details of the first of the summer events are on the home page I think.

Chess Club. The Bon Accord Chess Club is the local Aberdeen chess club, although it meets in Ferryhill Community Centre. It is one of the oldest clubs in Scotland.

This summer we are hosting the Scottish Chess Championships. We meet every Tuesday and Friday. To find our more the website is


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