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Kingswells Primary School PTA

Updated: 2 November 2004

Kingswells Primary School Parent Teacher Association Web Page.














































Mrs Isobel



Mrs Lesley


Teacher - P2

Mrs Ann


Teacher - Nursery

Mr Colin


Teacher - P5/6



School Board Clerk


Held at: Kingswells Primary School
Date and Time:
Monday 04/10/04 &endash; 19:00 hrs

Chairman: Colleen Manson
Minutes Recorded by: Kimberly Campbell
Attendees: Vicky Bowler, Katie Bremner, Laura Busby, Liz Brooks, Amanda Carter, Carol Close, Denise Crooks, Janis Duncan, Amanda Flewker-Barker, Lesley Gardner, Lesley Grant, Laura Hayes, Barbara Leiper, Samantha Martin, Christine McLennan, Lorraine Morrison, Billie-Jane Porteous, Fiona Sellers, Karen Smith, Bev Stewart, Richard Taylor, Joyce Walker, Karen Wiggins
Apologies: Sharon Adamson, Fiona Bakke, Mrs Ann Lawtie, Debbie Rae, Mr Colin Young, Karen Dawson, Martin Munro

Minutes approved by Mrs Bolton Date: 25 October 2004

1.0 MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING &endash; 26/04/04

1.1 Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and approved.


2.1 Colleen received an overwhelming response to the recent PTA Letter issued, thanked everyone for attending and gave an overview of the PTA Role (predominantly fundraising, social issues and any relevant general parent concerns). The New Committee was then selected as follows:
Chairperson - Amanda Carter &endash; proposed by Colleen Manson, seconded by Carol Close.
Vice Chairperson - Carol Close agreed to stay on as Vice Chairperson.
Treasurer - Laura Busby will continue as Treasurer.
Secretary - Kimberly Campbell agreed to take this role.

PARENT MEMBERS (known as Ordinary Members) SUB-COMMITTEE
Fiona Bakke Vicky Bowler
Liz Brooks Katie Bremner
Amanda Flewker-Barker Laura Hayes
Debbie Rae Barbara Leiper
Fiona Sellers Samantha Martin
Karen Smith BJ Porteous
Bev Stewart

Mrs Bolton, Mrs Lesley Grant, Mrs Ann Lawtie and Mr Colin Young

Kimberly to issue new contact list for information.


Laura reported 300 books sold and therefore raised £2400. Note: The earlier the books go out the better the response. Well Done everyone!


3.2.1 Race Night
Laura to investigate further &endash; perhaps more like the previous Casino Type Race Night.

3.2.2 Craft Fair
Craft Fair will go ahead on Saturday 27 November from 10 &endash; 12. Kimberly to do flyer. Need to contact Mike Jones re Santa (small fee of bottle of whisky!) More to be discussed at next meeting.

3.2.3 Bags 2 School
Each child is provided with a bag in which you donate your old clothes, shoes, etc. A drop off and collection date is then set (drop off points &endash; 1 at nursery and 1 at school), bags are collected and the school gets paid by the weight of the bags &endash; therefore more bags, more money! Date to be confirmed. Discuss at next meeting.

3.2.4 Spring Fair
To be discussed at next meeting.

3.2.5 New Fundraising Ideas
New fundraising ideas were discussed briefly, the popular one being 'The Big Christmas Tree Card' (see attached for more information). Discuss more at next meeting.



4.1 P7 Leavers Event
Pending - Mrs McLennan to clarify position and give comments at next meeting.

4.2 Website Update
Kimberly to contact Claire Burt regarding updating website. Will give update at next meeting.

4.3 Recycling Talk
Colleen passed on a letter regarding recycling to Mrs McLennan. Mrs Farquhar and Mrs McLennan are hoping to start an ECO Schools Programme next term and tie in with BP Link &endash; a committee will be organised and Mrs McLennan will give regular updates.

4.4 Mrs Birkmyre's Thankyou
Colleen passed on Mrs Birkmyre's thanks for the leaving gift to everyone.

4.5 Children's Panel/Befriend a Child
Volunteers are required for the Children's Panel/Befriend a Child. Please contact Colleen for more information.


5.1 Treasurer's Update
Balance on account as at 04 October 2004 - £8824.35. Also a cheque has been written for £750 &endash; quarterly travel costs.

5.2 Requests for PTA Funds
Mrs McLennan - £235 - Visit by Nick Hesketh through the Book Trust
Mrs Bolton - £250 - Musical Instruments
- £300 &endash; Nursery

Mrs McLennan discussed the Nursery Garden (funding will be requested circa November) and hopes to link this with the ECO School and aim for Green Flag Status (highest accolade).

6.0 AOB

6.1 Safety Travel Plan
Mrs Linda Banks requested some Volunteers to help co-ordinate the School Safety Travel Plan &endash; Vicky Bowler and Joyce Walker kindly volunteered. Details to be sent to Mrs Banks.


7.1 DATE: Monday 25 October 2004 TIME: 19:00 hrs

VENUE: Kingswells Primary School

Agenda to be issued Friday 22 October 2004

Kingswells Primary School Parent Teacher Association Web Page.

Information provided by Keith Nayler

Welcome to the PTA Web Page. We hope that this will improve the way the PTA informs parents of the various activities carried out within the school community and provide parents with an alternative forum to make their views known.

We also have an e-mail address which is We would encourage you to use this for parent and pupil feedback in connection with all PTA issues.

Role of the PTA

National guidelines and the PTA's own constitution limit the activities that the PTA can become involved in. For example, individual grievances are a matter for direct discussion between parents and school staff and many safety and environmental issues are dealt with by the School Board. However, the PTA can raise funds for non-curricular ventures, inform parents of new initiatives in education, identify common concerns and act as an informal channel of communication between parents and staff.

For further information regarding the role of a PTA, the following website is very helpful:

Each year the newly elected PTA committee decides the scope of their activities taking into consideration the above limitations. This can be restricted to fundraising but the committee for 2002/2003 decided that it would also address certain other issues affecting the school.

Activities for 2002/2003.

These have now been completed and a commentary on them is provided below.


Sale of 2002/2003 Spree books - This was our second most important fund raiser and added a whopping £2446.50 to PTA funds. Thanks to all of you who purchased one or more copies!

Following the sale of the Spree books the work of the new committee got off to a slow start. This was largely due to the many changes in committee membership including the appointment of a new Chairperson and Secretary who had not been members the previous year. We therefore amended the PTA constitution at the subsequent AGM to permit a speedier start to the next session.

The first event of 2002/2003 school year organised by the new committee was the Harry Potter creepy crawly/beetle drive. This was well supported. All those who attended had an enjoyable evening and we had some very excited children. Thanks are due to UCG Cinemas for their donation of a family ticket as the main prize, the parents who organised the event and the school staff for giving so generously of their time. A total of £263.29 was raised.

Our " Crafty Santa" Christmas Fair was also very well supported. The range of stalls available seemed to cater for all ages and Santa's grotto was a great hit especially for our younger members. This added £457.63 to our funds.

In February we had two Valentines discos which have virtually become an annual event. These are organised for the benefit of the children and not intended to be fund-raisers. Again they were well attended, especially the disco for the P1-3 group. We are pleased to say that all of the children behaved extremely well and a good time was had by all. Thanks are due to all those parents who helped out on the night. Funds were boosted by £134.98.

In March, we arranged a visit by Catchlight Photography to the Community Centre. The sittings were well attended, the PTA raising £181.38 from the session.

The Mayfair and associated Toyfair were our main fundraisers of the year. Thanks to all who were able to attend on either or both days, all those who donated to our stalls, and parents and staff who were able to help. A total of £4000.08 was raised.

Use of PTA Funds.

Last year, following a request by our former Head, Mrs. Kerr, a decision was made to separate the School fund (money raised by staff, e.g. from class photos, calendars, reading bags etc.) from the PTA fund. Due to some intial teething problems, steps have been taken to ensure improved co-ordination of future activities arranged by the two funds.

The PTA provided funds to cover the cost of school trips for everyone where this was in excess of £5.00. Further help was provided to those families experiencing financial difficulties. During the year £2250 was donated to the school for travelling costs.

During 2002/2003 the PTA also donated £500 to the Pupil Council to enable them to purchase items for classroom play boxes for wet lunchtimes. It was also agreed that the Pupil Council would have first option on any toys donated to the Mayfair toy sale to bolster their resources.

A further £500 was donated to assist with the nursery story sacks programme.

£919.27 was allocated for the purchase of outside playground bins to encourage the children in environmental awareness and reinforce the school's anti-litter campaign. In addition £198.76 was provided for playground markings used for various pupil activities.

The committee also agreed to financially assist with the P7 Leavers` Party, this totaling £179.55.

We were also very pleased to sponsor the BAYS Science Club Award as part of the trial Satrosphere after-school club promoted by the PTA. This amounted to £52.50.

In addition, benches for the P2/3 playground (£240), a mobile radio (£198), further playground paints (£250) and auxiliary overalls (£96) were provided at the beginning of the year together with £28 for the Scottish Verse Festival.

£268 has more recently been spent on providing a drum kit and symbols for the pupils as well as £174 for a new set of encyclopedias. The Nursery has been supplied with tape recorders and head sets at a cost of £40. Aproval has also been given for the purchase of a digital camcorder and DVD player for use by the pupils which will cost between £500 and £1000.

The PTA was pleased to provide a leaving gift for Ms Donna Minto (music teacher) to mark almost 20 years service to the school as well as thank her for voluntarily donating many hours of her time to help the children in all areas of music.

Non Fundraising Issues

Topics discussed throughout the year have ranged from school dinners and uniforms to Christmas concerts and playground facilities. We also established closer links with the School Board. We are pleased that the Board and PTA are now working together on a joint Sub-committee for "Safer Routes to Schools".

Other good news includes the highly successful introduction of the Satrosphere after-school Science Club. All places were full within the first day. We hope that this can continue next year and may be even expanded.

The office bearers for 2002/2003 completed their 12-month term of office in September. Seven parent committee members also retired or resigned. At the AGM five parents were elected as new committee members. A vacancy therefore exists for another parent member so please contact us if you want to become involved! Mrs Strachan nominated three new teachers to replace those serving on the committee during 2002/2003.

The PTA committee membership and office bearers for 2003/2004 are:

Committee Members


Colleen Manson


Carol Close


Nic Duncan


Laura Busby


Keith Nayler

Heather McGrath

Jacqueline Rattray

Fiona Bakka

Sharon Adamson


Mrs Grant

Mrs McNair

Mr Young

Activities for 2003/2004

The sale of the 2003/2004 Spree books has been completed. The quantity sold fell substantially below our target. As a result the contribution to the PTA fund was well below what we achieved last year. Spree significantly reduced the time period during which we were allowed to sell books and there was much more competition from other organisations selling the books. However it is unclear whether these factors were the cause of the reduced sales or lack of parent interest &endash; please let us know!

On 2nd November, 2003, in conjunction with Catchlight Photography we offered parents the opportunity to have family portraits prepared in time for Christmas. We are happy to say this event was fully booked.

We also arranged a 'Super Heroes Fancy Dress Beetle Drive' for Friday, 21st November, 2003 but unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to lack of support.

Next year we have so far planned the Valentine's Discos for Saturday, 7th February, 2004 and the May Fair for Saturday, 15th May, 2004. However we would love to have your suggestions and help if you have any ideas for additional fund raising events.


At the end of each PTA meeting there is the opportunity to put issues forward for the next meeting's agenda so please feel free to speak to any of the above members if there are any matter you would like to see added to the agenda. Alternatively, we have placed a suggestion box for PTA issues in the School reception area. We also have an e-mail address which is We would encourage you to use this for parent and pupil feedback in connection with all PTA issues.

Contributions to the Web Page

If you attend Kingswells school and wish to contribute to this web page please e-mail your information to A credit will be given to anyone submitting articles and photos used on this web site.


If you're at school and wish to contribute to this web page. Please email the information to A credit will be given to anyone submitting articles and photos used on web site. Claire Burt Web mistress

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