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Kingswells School Pupil Council

Updated: 26 June 2003

Kingswells School Pupil Council:

Information supplied by Justin Mackland P7 (2001/02).

Pupil Council Targets for 2001/2002
1. To introduce a weekly silent reading time for the whole P4 &endash; P7 area.

2. To purchase new books for the school library which are very popular with the children in the school.

3. To interview Christine, the school cook, to ask her some of your questions about school lunches.

4. To demonstrate at assembly some end of the day games most children enjoy.

5. To make entry into the cloakroom as orderly and comfortable as possible for the children in the school.

6. To provide for each classroom a small box of playground equipment to share and look after.

7. A) To have the playground markers reline the playground and put down some new markings you have recommended.

B) To discuss whether it is possible to include a rota for other playground activities, as well as football; such as rounders, handball, etcÉ

8. To give some older children n the school some training to act as play leaders, teaching younger children how to play games.

9. To improve the quality of games, comics, magazines and activities, which are available to pupils in their classrooms during, wet intervals and lunchtimes.

10. To investigate the cost of installing water fountains, to help the pupil council decide if it is going to be worth the effort for the school to try and raise the money for them.

Findings of Pupil Council Questionnaire (2000/2001):

Information supplied by Justin Mackland P7

During the final term of year 2000/2001 the Pupil Council sent a questionnaire to all classes. Below is a summary of the comments and opinions of the pupils in the school on the issues raised by the questionnaire.

1. Silent Reading: Most pupils felt that they didn't get enough time for silent reading. In some classes it was built into a day plan, but in others it was dependent on getting work completed and finding free time. Background noise from other classes sometimes made it difficult to concentrate on reading for the whole shared area.

2. School Library: It was widely felt that classes did not get enough time or opportunity to go to the library. Pupils expressed a desire to stay n the library and read when everyone in their class had chosen a book as they often didn't find time to read in the class. Pupils were keen to have access to non-fiction books as library books. There were many comments expressing a desire for new books and a wider choice, particularly for red and blue classifications.
Some pupils felt the classifications of some books were inaccurate and there should be a mechanism, for pupils who had finished reading a book, to ask an adult for a reappraisal of its grading.

3. Book Recommendations: Many pupils suggested that the library should purchase multiple copies of the most popular books. By far the most popular authors were Jacqueline Wilson, J/K.Rowling and Roald Dahl. Also very popular were the Horrible Histories, the Goosebumps series and the Sabrina the Teenage Witch books.
Some pupils were keen on finding a wider range of books on Poetry, Sport (up to date) and scary, spooky thrillers.
Other books which received more than one recommendation where: Crepe Hall - Allan Ahlberg, The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien, Northern Lights - Phillip Pullman, Space Baby - Henrietta Branford, Foul Football - Michael Coleman and well known others, such as Charlotte's Web, The Owl Who Was Afraid OF The Dark, Mrs Pepperpot, and the C.S.Lewis Narnia series.

4. School Dinners: Most pupils praised the quality of food. the most popular servings were hot dogs, pizza, chicken drummers, soup in winter, ice cream in summer, chips, smiley faces, milk shakes, doughnuts, muffins, sticky toffee pudding and milk. Some pupils raised some requests as questions:

  • Can we have a milk bar?
  • Can we buy juice?
  • Can the bigger children get slightly bigger helpings?
  • Can we have soy sauce on noodles days?
  • Can we have more vegetarian food?
  • Is there any way of keeping the food hotter?
  • Can you ask the dinner ladies to please not put food on our plates if we don't want it?

5. End of Day Games: Most pupils enjoyed playing an end of day game or activity to wind down.
The most popular games were:-
P1 - 3: I-Spy, Chinese Whispers, Circletime, Songs and Rhymes.
P4 - 7: Heads down thumbs up, Who stole the pencil?, Winky Murder, Fizz Buzz, Charades, Yes/No game, Times table shoot out, Sausages and white board games like Hangman.

6.Cloakroom: Three suggestions were made to make the cloakrooms tidier and less crowded:

  • Leave a longer gap between classes entering from their lines.
  • Send one class to their room first thing in the morning to unpack their bags first, before they put their coat and outdoor shoes away.
  • Provide shoe bags for P1 - 7.

7. Curriculum: There was a mixed reaction to the opportunity to discuss the curriculum. A considerable number of pupils strongly expressed a desire for more P.E. and more Expressive Arts. Many pupils felt they didn't get enough access to computers. Science was quite unpopular with pupils stating that groups were too large and there was not enough equipment.

8. The Playground: The infant classes strongly expressed a desire for more help from adults or older pupils to supervise them play games at intervals or snack time.
Requests from older classes included:
Introducing a rota for rounders.

  • Providing each class with their own small supply of skipping ropes and small balls for their reps to supervise.
  • Remarking the playground lines
  • Provide beanbags or other suitable objects to use with markings.
  • Using the field! Would parents supervise?

9. Indoor Breaks: Many pupils were keen to have their own indoor busy book for wet intervals. Others expressed a desire for a collection of comics and magazines for each class. Pupils expressed their disappointment that the appeal for old games had been unproductive. From an extensive list (see below) very little had been forthcoming.
The List: Connect4, Cluedo, Guess Who?,Monopoly, Operation, Ker Plunk, Frustration, Jenga, Dominoes, Snakes and Ladders, Noughts and Crosses, Draughts, Chess, Quiz Cards, etc...
Two interesting ideas:
Can younger classes watch the school's own educational videos at lunchtimes?
Can the construction materials which are still in the cupboard be brought out on wet days?

10. The Council: Most pupils spoke positively about how hard their reps worked and thanked the council for their successes.
Many pupils expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to say what they think about issues. Many reps mentioned how much they enjoyed being on the council.
However, there was a strong feeling from some pupils that the Council created expectations that things might happen ( e.g. drinking fountains, more indoor games) but nothing materialises.

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