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Kingswells Primary School (Work)

Updated: 12 August 2003

Children from primary 4 class at Kingswells primary are publishing a book about life at school as part of a business enterprise scheme. All the pupils have a very important role in the company. The class is learning skills about how to work well in a team and how a business might operate. We hope that you will support these children in their efforts.

"Steaming Pencils" contains a variety of poems, stories and illustrations about what school can be like and has received rave reviews. Miss Forbes says, "It clearly deserves to win the Booker prize." Mr Glennie says, "It is literary geniusÉ a modern masterpiece."


Kingswells is a great place to
live in.

It is a beautiful village.

No place just like it.

Great school and nursery for
your children.

Stewart Milne builds good
homes for you.

We will keep the village clean.

Everyone is happy in Kingswells.

Lovely woodland in the village.

Luxury homes in Kingswells.

Shopping is near by in

By Rhys Forbes P4


Kingswells gives you the
house of your dreams.

In beautiful surroundings.

Now Kingswells Primary School gives the best education.

Girls and boys will love the full-sized all-weather football pitch.

Stewart Milne builds lots of houses in Kingswells,

Woodlands in and around Kingswells are beautiful.

Easy and direct assecc to Aberdeen, buses to the heart of the city.

Luxury villas with 5 bedrooms, I've seen round one once and it is GREAT!!!

Lovely top quality homes.

Safety in mind. Kingswells always keeps safety in mond for all the reasons you can think of.

By Lauren Grant P4


Kingswells has lots of amenities.

It has an award winning restaurant

Never forget the church, it was established in 1858.

Good house builders like Stewart Milne, Wimpey and Barratt are building houses.

Saftey in mind, top quality houses.

Wonderful surrounding and modern bungalows.

Excellent education for Primary 1 to Primary 7.

Lots of buses come and take you to town in 20 minutes.

Luxury villas and woodland areas.

Snappy Pizza and Alldays are in the village centre.

By Lewis Mennie P4


Pictures by the Children of Kingswells Primary School (2002/2003)

I can see a Forest at Night

I can hear the slow moving river, the rustle of the leaves in the background.

I can hear the sound of an owl hooting, and the sway of the trees against the wind.

I can hear a wolf howling at the moon, a beaver slashing in the water.

I can hear a squirrel scratching at the tree, a nut hitting the ground, hitting the tree.

I can see a great blue river,slowly moving along.

I can see great big trees tall and steady, with branches thin and long.

I can see a small moon, reflection of the moon on the river.

I can see a baby fox prowling around, a mother fox coming out to hunt.

By Michael Yule P6

The Carnival

I can hear the happiness and joy in childrens' voices, the excitement in the air when they are about to receive their prizes.

I can hear the sound of sweets rattling in the jars, the sound of music blaring from the roller coaster cars.

I can hear the laughter of the children on their slides, the sound of children lining up to finally reach the ride.

I can hear the children pleading to their Mum, to take them back tomorrow so they can have some fun.

I can see the lights flashing on the rides, the children eating candyfloss with delight on their faces.

I can see the adults eating paying for the rides, and the children waiting for the prize.

By Joanne Butterworth P6


The Funfair

I can hear the hysterical laughter of children,

the high-pitched scream from the roller coaster.

I can hear Punch and Judy arguing,

and the coconuts cracking off the ground.

I can hear the ballons popping,

and the children asking for one more go.

I can see children going down the slide,

the ferries wheel going round and round.

I can see the queues for food,

the children eating candyfloss.

I can see clowns giving out balloons,

the children hooking ducks.

I can see the horses going up and down.

The funfair is an exciting place to be.

By Ruth Brown P6



I can hear the roaring chants of the crowd, the resounding sounds of the national anthems.

I can hear the manager scream, and the thud when the ball is kicked.

I can hear the captain bawling and shouting, an injured player squealing for help.

I can hear the ecstatic sound of the excited crowd, as the ball hits the back of the net.

I can see people running as fast as they can towards the ball, and players flying in with tackles.

I can see a red card been shown for a second bookable offence, childern enjoying and scoffing down pies.

I can see the substitutes warming up, desperate to get on, and when the final whistle goes the huge rush of the crowd leaving.

By Jordon Brown P6

Our Class Trip

For our trip we went to the Maratime Muesum and then Balmedie Beach.

At Maritime Museum we saw a huge oil rig. It was amazing. The we say a ROV, which stands for remotely operated vehicle. Then we went on the bus to Balmedie Beach. Me and my friends sun bathed on a towel. It was fun. After a while we went back to school. Then we all went home. "That was great' I said. The End. By Corinne Millar P2.


The Jungle

I can hear the chirps of the birds, the whispering hiss of the nearby snake.

I can hear the croak of a toad, and the rustling leaves in the wind.

I can hear splashing of the water, the sound of a tiger roaring.

I can feel the hot humid air, the feel of leaves brushing past.

I can feel the wind blowing in my face, and drops of water falling on the leaves.

I can feel the fly crawling up my back, and the sting of the bee that just stung me.

I can see the lake, oh so blue, and the snake on the hanging branch.

I can see the slimy snail, the bird sitting on the branch above.

I can see the hanging vines, the clours of the jungle.

By Caroline Wilson P6


Longships travel quickly through the stormy seas.

On the ships there were about 26 men.

Northern men were strong and fearsome.

Great raiders

Shields, swords, axes were their weapons.

Hard helmets on the head's.

In battle they beat their foes.

People were petrified when they saw the ship.

By Daniel Busby
P5 (Mr Young)


Longships are made strong.

On board the Norsemen rowed.

Norsemen are not afraid of the stormy seas.

Getting closer to the shore, they are prepared for anything.

Slicing through the rapid waters.

Hitting the dandy shore they come aboard.

In the shadow they are hiding.

Prepare for war.

By Ben Lobban
P5 ( Mr Young)

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